Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Important Book Comic Life Movie

You probably have guessed that Comic Life is one of my favorite applications! There is so much you can do with it . . . the kids love it, it is SO user-friendly, it makes fun noises when you use it and it is very versatile!  Did you know you can make movies with it too?!  So fun.

One of the movies that we've made in our classroom is a movie based on the repeated phrasing in THE IMPORTANT BOOK by Margaret Wise Brown. The phrasing just lends itself to a tribute sort of gift for an individual. We created the movie below (screenshots) for our principal for Boss' Day. 

The Project Package© includes a writing template for the movie script/text seen on the image sample below (the movie has now dialogue, just music): 
I've also created step-by-step directions (four pages) for all parts of the lesson (reading, writing, technology), how to create the movie and screenshots of the sample movie.
Note: If the buyer has Dropbox, an online file sharing source, I'm happy to share the entire Quicktime movie. (File is too large to email or compress and attach.)

This activity can be done with just one computer in the classroom!  All you need is Comic Life.  The teams in my class created separate slides (5 slides for each team), and then I combined all of their slides into one movie. 

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